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Bishop Samuel Charles

Bishop Samuel Charles, a national of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, was baptized in the Spiritual Baptist faith at age 15. He migrated to the US in December 1967 and has resided since in the Bedford Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn. He joined the neighborhood congregation of St. Philomena Spiritual Baptist Church in Brooklyn, where he advanced to the Ministers’ Office of Reverend in 1975. During this period he also pursued ecclesiastical studies and received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.

Reverend Charles then joined the congregation of Mt. Moriah Spiritual Baptist Church in Brooklyn and served there on the Ministers’ Staff, while continuing his studies which gained him certification in Ministerial Counseling for youths and adults; and also in Administration for Ministers at Medgar Evers College in 1987.

In September 1990, Reverend Samuel Charles was consecrated, Bishop, at Mt. Moriah Spiritual Baptist Church by Archbishop Norris V. Ashton of the Spiritual Baptist Archdiocese of New York. Called by Divine Order the Right Bishop Samuel Charles founded Mt. Tabor Spiritual Baptist Church, Inc., located at 1699 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11212-8018. 


DJ Pete

DJ Pete was born in Trinidad and Tobago. An avid music lover, DJ Pete placed himself in the company of others with like interest. To name a few, some of his biggest influences were DJs like Wire, Sweet Needle Scobie,and Madman Maddy. 

DJ Pete started DJ’ing during his high school years at block parties and school parties. Eventually, he became the DJ for parties held in Roots Basement in Brooklyn. In the mid-1980s became one of two DJs which formed the DJ group, Public Image. Public Image played music for numerous people and for all occasions. They played for multiple organizations, including Savage, during the annual Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn and was also a member of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIACDA). They were also the standing DJs at the annual band launchings held at Boys and Girls High School field in Brooklyn. Today, DJ Pete continues to play music and has founded the online radio station, Calabash Radio.

Dr. Oscar Sandiford

Pastor Oscar Sandiford is one of the founding members of Mt. Tabor. He is a native of Trinidad and Tobago who back in the days was a competitive weight-lifter and ardent sportsman. Schooled at Rose Hill RC, and Tranquility High, he sought his dream to become an A1 Auto Mechanic which took him through several places to learn and practice. Automotive of California and Apex are included in a journey which made him a Pro (top man) Trouble Shooter in the industry.

Like many, he sought progress and migrated to the US in the 1970s. But Oscar Sandiford went even further. He baptized in the Spiritual Baptist faith, and while working for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) he also worked at improving his status with witnessing for Jesus Christ. This led to achieving his Doctorate in Religious Studies in July 2008. Since then he has been tirelessly performing outreach to the community, in and out of the church environment. You may meet him at a bus stop, a store or anywhere else and he will pray and deliver the “Word of God”, guiding you towards a Christian life.

Dr. Sandiford is one of Mount Tabor’s Bible Studies teachers. His ministry also includes Prayer Healing. Many do seek his assistance in that need. Anyone requiring such help can call Dr. Sandiford at House of Prayer Ministry at 718 771-7591.

The Specializer 



        An inspiring and electrifying upcoming DJ who embrace all genres of music from Soca, Reggae, R&B, Hip hop, old school, dance music, Reggaeton and more. Representing DJ’s from Barbados “The Specializer” has perform with many DJ’s and also at numerous amount of venues. He is known to be uplifting the crowd with his different style of mixing and performance that makes him stand out. Influence by other DJ’s like DJ Puffy, Jus Jay, Scratch master and Public Image, The Specializer definitely makes an impact for Underground DJ’s.





Bishop Baxter


   Bishop Allan Andrew Baxter, was born in the now known Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the year 1934 The second of three-two boys and a girl, to  Hilda Baxter), St. James, west of Port-of-Spain.  He grew up a brilliant fellow of poor parentage but somehow read himself into a gifted young man of ability to write; speak and teach at the early age of 12. He didn’t get the opportunity to Higher Education; but at the age of 14, went to learn the art of printing, and publishing at the “Trinidad Guardian”. 

He migrated to the US in 1967 and continued his craft as a member of Chapter 6 of the Printers’ Union of America. Things got tight there also and he went to work at a factory which produced Ceiling tiles and auto interiors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Seven years thereafter he entered the MTA and was trained to operate buses which art he practiced until his retirement in 1997.

Allan was called to the service of God, and baptized into the Spiritual Baptist Faith in 1971. He quickly became a Christian Worker at the currently named Sons and Daughters of Mt. Zion, St. Jude SBC at 762 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn. In 1976 he became a member of Mt. Moriah Spiritual Church, under tutelage of his Spiritual Father, then Bishop Norris V. Ashton. He grew through the ranks, always in a leadership role. As an Archdeacon he founded the Spiritual Baptist Ministers’ Council of America in 1985; became the Secretary General of United Ecclesiastical Order of Spiritual Baptists in 2002; Secretary of the Constitution Commission of the Spiritual Baptist Faith, Inc.; along with being Assistant to Bishop Samuel Charles, Founder and Overseer of Mt. Tabor Spiritual Baptist Church, for the past 26 years.

Bishop Baxter is the father of two boys and a girl; Grand-father of two boys and a girl; and Great grand-father of one boy. The Bishop and his wife were married in June 1958 and will, by God’s grace, celebrate their 60th Anniversary the twenty-ninth day of this month of June, 2018.

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